Prepare to Be Well

At 6am, 3 to 4 days a week, I run/walk with eight other women in my neighborhood. Some of us have known each other for a while, some of us just met through this group. Some are avid runners, marathon veterans, who would be out there with or without the rest of us. Others have never run before, and would not in a million years be running at 6am and 40 degrees without a crew of supportive women who expect us to show up.

This morning, as with last night’s dinner, I was reminded that wellness doesn’t just happen by accident or luck. We plan for it. For my running group, one woman sent the email invitation, and made a commitment to show up whether anyone else does or not. For my family’s dinner last night, a trip to the grocery store with a list in-hand, forethought to thaw the meat, and cooking know-how made it pretty easy to throw dinner together. Scheduling a contractor to arrive right after dinner started did not make for a peaceful family dinner, but sometimes

So how can you prepare to be well? Three ingredients…

First, information. We all now have endless nutrition and behavioral research  at our fingertips, 24/7. Come to TonerRD for the good stuff, and check out my Links for more good stuff.

Second, perspective. When we do something good for ourselves, we want a reward. Many of us are mentally programmed to reward ourselves with food, and when we eat less or choose something healthy, we feel deprived. I know because I’ve been there myself, and I hear this language from many people that I work with. Next time you want to celebrate, what can you do to be good to yourself? Sometimes you want to enjoy a nice cup of ice cream- being well means being OK with some food indulgences. Sometimes you will want to go dancing, or call a friend and share your joy with them- being well means food is not always the reward. And if your food choices have led to health problems, making some changes is a way to care for yourself, not deprive yourself. Perspective.

Third, action. Knowing when and how to apply what you learn will transform seemingly random facts into a toolbox for your personal health. Take the first step, get support, and schedule the activities that will lead you on the path to wellness.

Good information, a wellness perspective, and action… Enjoy the journey!

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