So-Easy Rotini

Whole Wheat Rotini, Garbanzo Beans, Tuna, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Oregano

So-Easy Rotini is a great template for an endless number of quick and delicious dishes. It can be made with whatever you have on-hand, remembering 4 key elements:

1) Cook rotini according to package (or really any of your favorite pastas).

2) Stir-fry vegetable oil with garlic and 2-3 vegetables.

3) Stir in a protein-rich food. Edemame from the produce section, or low-sodium canned beans, tuna, or salmon can just be heated up with the veggies. Fresh chicken, pork, or beef can be cooked quickly with the veggies if you cut the meat into small cubes before cooking.

4) Toss your favorite herbs and the cooked, drained pasta in with the veggie/protein mixture.

Not only is dinner served, you’ll have some tasty leftovers for the next day at lunch!

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