For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

I am so glad I like eggs, because they are so versatile and packed with nutrition! It is important to get protein throughout the day for sustainable energy and satiety (feeling satisfied after eating for a reasonable amount of time), but still far less than carbohydrate. You’ll see carbohydrates, protein, and fat amounts in grams on the Nutrition Facts of the food label. These three nutrients are where calories, or energy for your body, come from. The exact proportions needed vary among individuals, but with few exceptions people need to get the majority of their calories from carbohydrates. Fat is friend, not foe– as with all friends, we need enough, not too much or too little. And quality matters.

Crack open a nutrient powerhouse!

Which bring me back to the egg– the highest quality protein you can find. The whole egg. That’s right, eat the yolk. One whole egg has only about 100 calories and it’s relatively lower in saturated fat than other animal foods. What about the cholesterol? Again and again, research shows that cholesterol in the diet does not raise cholesterol in your blood. And it’s not just the lack of harm that’s good news. The whole egg protein delivers that high quality protein that preserves muscle mass as you age or as you exercise, and helps to build muscle with strength training. The yolk in particular brings along choline for your brain and lutein and zeaxanthin for your eyes.

Helpers make cooking for fun! I’m her helper, of course.

So crack open some goodness and enjoy eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To serve one, start with a little canola oil in a skillet over medium heat and saute about 1 Tbsp each bell pepper and onion until tender then throw in 1 Tbsp chopped mushroom. While the mushroom wilts, beat one egg in a bowl then immediately pour it into the pan with the veggies.

Sprinkle about 1 Tbsp cheddar cheese on the egg as it cooks. When the egg starts to firm up, fold it in half. Now, this is the stage where my omelets often turn into scrambled eggs. No worries! It all tastes the same. Even when I get a perfect fold, I poke a few holes in it and flip it again to make sure it is cooked through. This only takes about a minute.

Plate up that omelet with a little fruit and whole grain toast for breakfast…

Omelet with Bell Pepper, Onion, and Mushroom, Strawberries, Whole Wheat Toast
Omelet with Bell Pepper, Onion, and Mushroom, Strawberries, Whole Wheat Toast


Or lunch or dinner! Here is a kids’ plate idea…

6-Year-Old-Perfected Omelet with bell peppers, onion, cheese, Bell Peppers, Skim Milk

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