Embracing vulnerability in 2013- I’m all in!

I would say my greatest challenge in life is fear. Why, then, would I resolve to embrace vulnerability? That’s right. 2013 is my year to embrace my own and others’ vulnerability.

My first act of vulnerability is to share the beginning of this journey with you. I took a week off for Christmas and New Year’s, something I haven’t done since launching my consulting business in January 2007. I’ve taken months off from this blog, and I have missed you! But I needed the time for introspection.

Today, I stumbled upon this blog post at goop.com. The idea that it is important to be vulnerable in order to live life to its fullest struck me. I’ve heard it before, but Dr. Brown pulls it together profoundly. To be vulnerable, she says, is to dare greatly, to be “all in.” I like it!

My fear of failure defies all logic. I know all of the positive self-talk, I know what I should do, that I should believe in myself. I am even blessed in my life today with a husband, children, extended family, and friends who praise and encourage me day after day. I have professional colleagues, clients, and former bosses and staff who have praised my work, my dedication, and my ethics. As a Catholic Christian woman, I have even participated in the rite of Reconciliation, in which I have confessed my sins, and asked for and received God’s forgiveness. Yet, this fervent grip on fear- fear that I am not good enough, not deserving- I have continued to hold. Until now.

I think the first step is to forgive myself for being fearful. We all feel fear at times. Enough said.

Second, I recognize that I am vulnerable, imperfect, unable to do it all, and unable to do some things at all.

Third, whether I think I can or not, I will dare to be great at whatever I desire, whatever I imagine is for me to do. I may be wrong. I may fail the first or thousandth time. I may come to know that  it is not for me to do. It is through daring to be great that I will risk failure, as well as success.

Finally, I said that I would embrace not only my own but others’ vulnerability. By doing so,  I will remember to be gentle and caring towards others, never placing my success above the good of others.

Whew! It’s a little scary, thinking of all that the coming years may hold. I expect to be challenged beyond measure. In fact, I am feeling somewhat vulnerable… What do you know? Success!

2 thoughts on “Embracing vulnerability in 2013- I’m all in!

  1. Happy New Year Cheryl! Loved your post and loved the Christmas card you sent…the girls are getting so big. Miss seeing you but enjoy following your posts (which are great!). Hope to see you at FNCE in Houston this year.

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