cherylI am Cheryl Toner, registered dietitian, writer, fun-seeker, and mom. I am passionate about healthy living for people of all ages. I believe in the power of physical activity for anyone who wants to feel strong and get the best out of life. I believe in the power of eating well just for the enjoyment of it, and also for health, and to fuel sports and physical activity (again, to get the best out of life).

I am dedicated to helping people who desire the strength and freedom that wellness can bring, but struggle to eat well. Perhaps you are starting a new job, taking on a new sport, entering a new stage of life, or just ready to make changes. Transitions require that we find new approaches that fit.

I help my clients, including high school athletes, active adults, and busy parents, to:

  • Understand the foods you eat and why you eat them.
  • Eat well to harness the power of nutrition for your athletic and mental performance.
  • Build a better life by making the choices in everyday moments that are right for you.

Lots of people talk about nutrition these days. So I want you to know that I work hard to provide the best of care to the individuals and teams that I work with. I am committed to evidence-based practice that honors the unique needs and lifestyle of each person. How do I do that?

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Spanish at the University of Houston, and a Master of Science in Nutrition at Texas Woman’s University. On the road to becoming a registered dietitian, I completed an internship at the Houston Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, including rotations in pediatrics, cancer prevention, and corporate wellness. From 2009-12, I completed a Fellowship with the National Cancer Institute.

As I prepared to launch into sports nutrition, I completed the 2014-2015 Sports Fueling Project, a mentored sports nutrition program in high schools. I am the Past Chair for the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice group (SCAN). And I continually evaluate my practice to ensure I’m integrating current and appropriate science with a respect for you as an individual as we work together towards your goals.

I fill my non-working hours with my husband, daughters, and dog, balancing a very hectic daily schedule, while also finding joy in life’s everyday moments.

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