Mom, I’ve decided to be a vegetarian…

I work with vegetarian clients and serve meatless meals on a regular basis. Although we sometimes get all beefed up with a burger or grilled steak, our meals are pretty plant-heavy. So my 11-year-old's pronouncement that she is now a vegetarian should not have been a big deal. She's even a pescatarian, since she still … Continue reading Mom, I’ve decided to be a vegetarian…

Weekend Plan for Fueling Well all Week Long

Back to school schedules are new every year, unfamiliar, hectic, and not really settled until the end of September. So if you are a parent, or a collegiate or high school athlete looking to take charge of your eating habits to improve performance, this is your weekend to get on track! Plan the week's meals. … Continue reading Weekend Plan for Fueling Well all Week Long

From School Project to a Week’s Meals

My middle school child had an assignment to research and prepare a Depression era meal. She was given guidelines about what foods were allowed or not, in what forms they could be purchased, based on what would have been available in the U.S. during that time. There were many other aspects to this school project, but of … Continue reading From School Project to a Week’s Meals

Summer Salad Simplicity

Summer is the easiest time of year to get our fruits and veggies. So many choices for fresh, easy snacks, like ripe peaches or red bell peppers. Yet, when we are vacationing or trying to savor a little quiet time at the pool or beach, putting a complete meal together is a challenge. And let's face … Continue reading Summer Salad Simplicity

To eat or not to eat… Breakfast, that is

Dueling nutrition studies-- what a new concept! I wish. Cornell University put out a press release with a shocking headline last Friday: "Skipping breakfast may be healthy way to shed weight." What? You've been eating breakfast because it's supposed to help you avoid feeling starved before lunch time? Then yesterday, a study out of Harvard garnered this … Continue reading To eat or not to eat… Breakfast, that is

Spring into Nutrition Action

March is a time for many of us when those New Year's resolutions have become frustrations. Fortunately, the weather is beginning to warm, and spring fever can do wonders for physical activity efforts. It's also National Nutrition Month, and the theme this year is: "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day." I love this theme, because I … Continue reading Spring into Nutrition Action

Who’s Teaching My Kids to Make Healthy Choices?

My 10-year old looks over my shoulder as I type the title of this blog and then answers the question, "You. Duh!" I attended a meeting at the National Academies of Science last week on the parent's role in preventing childhood obesity. As always, I thought as much about my family and myself as a parent … Continue reading Who’s Teaching My Kids to Make Healthy Choices?

Soup du Jour: 3 Bean Soup

One of the things about blogging is you put all your intentions out there for the world to see, and when you don't follow through it is painfully obvious. Clearly, I'm not keeping up with even a soup a week. I'm going to keep calling this series "Soup du Jour," though, because it can be your … Continue reading Soup du Jour: 3 Bean Soup

Nourishing Color

Deep green, softly scalloped leaves.  Rich red, yellow, orange, and purple veins. Swiss chard is among the most beautiful of the leafy green vegetables. The rainbow Swiss chard, well, you can't help but grab a bunch, bring it home, and then... then what? You may struggle with HOW to eat more leafy green vegetables, even if … Continue reading Nourishing Color

What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

I find that it takes a lot of day-to-day energy to not only meet my kids' basic needs, but also help them to create health habits for life. We've all heard we should pick and choose our battles. As I've written earlier this week and last week, we need to find a balance between comfort and nudging, whether it's … Continue reading What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?