Weekend Plan for Fueling Well all Week Long

Back to school schedules are new every year, unfamiliar, hectic, and not really settled until the end of September. So if you are a parent, or a collegiate or high school athlete looking to take charge of your eating habits to improve performance, this is your weekend to get on track! Plan the week's meals. … Continue reading Weekend Plan for Fueling Well all Week Long

Summer Salad Simplicity

Summer is the easiest time of year to get our fruits and veggies. So many choices for fresh, easy snacks, like ripe peaches or red bell peppers. Yet, when we are vacationing or trying to savor a little quiet time at the pool or beach, putting a complete meal together is a challenge. And let's face … Continue reading Summer Salad Simplicity

What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

I find that it takes a lot of day-to-day energy to not only meet my kids' basic needs, but also help them to create health habits for life. We've all heard we should pick and choose our battles. As I've written earlier this week and last week, we need to find a balance between comfort and nudging, whether it's … Continue reading What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

I am so glad I like eggs, because they are so versatile and packed with nutrition! It is important to get protein throughout the day for sustainable energy and satiety (feeling satisfied after eating for a reasonable amount of time), but still far less than carbohydrate. You'll see carbohydrates, protein, and fat amounts in grams … Continue reading For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

So-Easy Rotini

So-Easy Rotini is a great template for an endless number of quick and delicious dishes. It can be made with whatever you have on-hand, remembering 4 key elements: 1) Cook rotini according to package (or really any of your favorite pastas). 2) Stir-fry vegetable oil with garlic and 2-3 vegetables. 3) Stir in a protein-rich food. Edemame … Continue reading So-Easy Rotini

Hurried for Dinner… Again

You've read it here before and you'll hear it from me again... we must prepare to be well. Why, then, do I continue to find myself scrambling to plan for dinner at the last minute? It's the one meal of the day that I plan for my whole family, and I seem to have a … Continue reading Hurried for Dinner… Again

Not the Same Ol’ Breakfast

A bowl of cereal with milk and fruit, or yogurt with fruit and granola are the quick and easy standby's for me in the morning. They are fast and filling, not too heavy, and smart shopping keeps the added sugars low and nutrients high. I have recently started throwing in a handful of walnuts or … Continue reading Not the Same Ol’ Breakfast

Start with a Meal

How do I sort through all of the choices at the grocery store? How can I get dinner on the table quickly every night? What if I don't have time to cook? We all find ourselves in the moment, unprepared, and faced with food choices that are less healthy, not so tasty, or both. Choosing wellness in … Continue reading Start with a Meal