How to Enjoy Salt for Your Health

Sodium. Essential for life. But too much is a recipe for a health crisis. Sodium plays a key role in hydration during high-intensity exercise and hot, humid conditions. For the rest of the day when you aren't working out, and especially if you don't exercise much, it's time to dive into a world of flavor … Continue reading How to Enjoy Salt for Your Health

Summer Salad Simplicity

Summer is the easiest time of year to get our fruits and veggies. So many choices for fresh, easy snacks, like ripe peaches or red bell peppers. Yet, when we are vacationing or trying to savor a little quiet time at the pool or beach, putting a complete meal together is a challenge. And let's face … Continue reading Summer Salad Simplicity

Soup “du Jour”- Butternut Goodness

I am so excited to embark on a soup "du jour" journey. After suffering with the flu and having no soup on hand, nor the energy to cook, I am determined to never again be without a soup in my freezer. Realistically, I won't really make a new soup every day, so "du jour" is … Continue reading Soup “du Jour”- Butternut Goodness

What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

I find that it takes a lot of day-to-day energy to not only meet my kids' basic needs, but also help them to create health habits for life. We've all heard we should pick and choose our battles. As I've written earlier this week and last week, we need to find a balance between comfort and nudging, whether it's … Continue reading What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

Packing Nutriton and Fun in Your Child’s Lunch

As I wrote last week, sending our kids off to school requires finding a balance between enough comfort and enough nudge. They have to be a little uncomfortable if they are ever going to grow up, but there is no reason they (and we) can't have fun along the way! Feeding our children fits right … Continue reading Packing Nutriton and Fun in Your Child’s Lunch