How to Enjoy Salt for Your Health

Sodium. Essential for life. But too much is a recipe for a health crisis. Sodium plays a key role in hydration during high-intensity exercise and hot, humid conditions. For the rest of the day when you aren't working out, and especially if you don't exercise much, it's time to dive into a world of flavor … Continue reading How to Enjoy Salt for Your Health

Cancer and Nutrition: Defining Risk and Reality

There isn't a person in modern society that is beyond the risk of cancer. So many factors contribute to its development, including stuff you're born with and can't undo. It's enough to make a person throw their hands up and say... well, this is not the place for what I have said in those moments … Continue reading Cancer and Nutrition: Defining Risk and Reality

Spring into Nutrition Action

March is a time for many of us when those New Year's resolutions have become frustrations. Fortunately, the weather is beginning to warm, and spring fever can do wonders for physical activity efforts. It's also National Nutrition Month, and the theme this year is: "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day." I love this theme, because I … Continue reading Spring into Nutrition Action

Soup “du Jour”- Butternut Goodness

I am so excited to embark on a soup "du jour" journey. After suffering with the flu and having no soup on hand, nor the energy to cook, I am determined to never again be without a soup in my freezer. Realistically, I won't really make a new soup every day, so "du jour" is … Continue reading Soup “du Jour”- Butternut Goodness

Healing Foods: Lessons from the Flu

Healing foods are on my mind- I’ve been down with the flu the last few days. I was really bummed out by this illness, because I had just taken a week off from work, was enjoying ample sleep (except Christmas Eve),  was eating well, and was feeling relatively less stressed out (it’s the holidays, it’s … Continue reading Healing Foods: Lessons from the Flu

Embracing vulnerability in 2013- I’m all in!

I would say my greatest challenge in life is fear. Why, then, would I resolve to embrace vulnerability? That's right. 2013 is my year to embrace my own and others' vulnerability. My first act of vulnerability is to share the beginning of this journey with you. I took a week off for Christmas and New Year's, … Continue reading Embracing vulnerability in 2013- I’m all in!

What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

I find that it takes a lot of day-to-day energy to not only meet my kids' basic needs, but also help them to create health habits for life. We've all heard we should pick and choose our battles. As I've written earlier this week and last week, we need to find a balance between comfort and nudging, whether it's … Continue reading What Puts the Fun in Food for Your Child?

Do Calories Matter?

Most people don’t know how many calories we need each day or why calories are important to our health. Others track and count each calorie consumed from food and each burned through activity, aiming for a target level that will help them to maintain or achieve a particular weight. And still others understand why calories … Continue reading Do Calories Matter?

Why I Run

I ran my first 5K on the 4th of July. That was the farthest I had ever run without walking or stopping (or dropping). There are so many things I could say about how much this accomplishment means to me. In fact, I've developed writer's block over it (you may have noticed I haven't blogged in … Continue reading Why I Run

Set Yourself Up for Success

I just enjoyed a few days with my colleagues at the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Symposium in Baltimore. In honor of SCAN's 30th anniversary, we were reminded to learn from the past, live with excellence in the present, and plan for a successful future. These are truly nuggets of truth for life. Do you find … Continue reading Set Yourself Up for Success